There Is a SafeBase
Package To Suit You

Please take a look below at our pricing schedule. For any further Information or questions, please contact a member of our team.

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From Modest 10 User
SafeBase Packages,
To Large Global Entities!

Now you have full control over your own SafeBase ecosystem.
No more reliance on third party reaction times, reading from a script!
Now It's you and your people, that can react in accordance to your company or organizational policies, with your users knowing who is there in time of crisis.

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For Your Own Dedicated, Private and Fully Autonomous Eden SafeBase Ecosystem, With Supporting Android and iOS Phone and Smart Watch Apps. Packages Are Listed Below:

Please Note, Within The User Amount For Each Package, You Can Select Either User or Moderator Access for Any Assigned User.


Private Live Ecosystem ESB (Eden SafeBase).


ESB Package 1:   1-10 Users  = $197 Per Month
ESB Package 2:   10-25 Users = $389 Per Month
ESB Package 3:    25-50 Users = $698 Per Month
ESB Package 4:   50-100 Users = $898 Per Month
ESB Package 5:   100-150 Users = $1191 Per Month
ESB Package 6:   150-200 Users = $1399 Per Month
ESB Package 7:   200-350 Users = $1791 Per Month
ESB Package 8:   350-500 Users = $2145 Per Month

Public Release Date Is Mid July 2022. Please Check Back Soon.

Alternatively, You Can Contact Us On: +1 315 830 4228