Rob Jones and Ray Figueroa Meeting.
Entry Date 6/25/2022

Creator of Eden SafeBase Rob Jones and one of our teams Global Oversight security experts Ray Figueroa, recently took a meeting in the Finger Lakes region of New York. During the meeting, both Ray and Rob discuss Global Security and Eden SafeBase ability to raise industry standards of physical security delivery and the importance of privacy within security delivery and implementation.

The soon to be released footage of the conversation surrounding both global security and Eden SafeBase will be released in the coming days. Please check back soon!

Coming Soon! Eden SafeBase Apple and Android Watch.

Entry Date 6/15/2022

Team Eden SafeBase doesn’t just draw on the 20-year security expertise of the CEO. We also attentively listen to our customers, who are both living and working in real time and in diverse security scenarios. Security is a collaboration of minds, experiences, and the risk palate of an individual or the company/organization they represent. Sometimes, a security exposure goes hand in hand with the very project, task, or environment someone faces.

Our SafeBase watch app is born from listening to what is needed and how security delivery can work hand-in-hand with diverse risk exposures.

The SafeBase watch app is an addition to the SafeBase smartphone app and works hand-in-hand with the app. It will provide an extra layer of security. But only when you, the user, want it to.

Privacy and security matter!