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Antonio Ribeiro

Global Security Director

“Very comforting to have the ability to run the Admin side of the platform in house via your own security infrastructure, and do things in real time without reaching out to a third party vendor for small actions that has a larger impact – tracking, two way and mass communication, COVID-19 GEO location, and more”

Ray Figueroa

Global Oversight Security Expert

“To be able to gain full accountability of our clients, or project staff so quickly, is simply unheard of! What historically took 12-24 hours through a phone tree, or a 3rd party digital security vendor, has now been done in 13 minutes! That is simply unheard of. While that Is only one of the many tools in the SafeBase systems repertoire. On behalf of our industry, I thank you.”

What Can My SafeBase Do?
  • Interactive Moderator and User Access SafeBase Platform With Supporting Apps
  • All Staff-User 2-Way Mass Messaging
  • All Staff-User Mass Messaging Response Silo
  • All Staff-User Urgent Accountability Tool
  • All Staff-User Urgent Help Button (With GPS coordinate relay system)
  • All Staff-User Check In Button (With GPS coordinate relay system)
  • All Staff-User Live GPS-AGPS Tracking (User enabled)
  • All Staff-User Proximity Recognition (Office or remote status)
  • All Staff-User Feeling Unwell Reporting Button (CDC question checklist for airborne virus mitigation)
  • All Staff-User Start-Stop Remote Worktime 
  • All Staff-User Encrypted Text Messaging 
  • Daily Security Status Banner Updates
  • Internal Ecosystem Notifications Features